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Joe Seddon

D E S I G N  &  I L L U S T R A T I O N

Queer Virginia based graphic designer & illustrator.

Artist featured by Fast Company.

VCU Arts alum and general jack of all trades.

Much more than your standard 9 to 5 designer.


Equality & Diversity

Poster Design

Designed for use by the downtown businesses of Charlottesville VA on August 12th 2017. When it was announced that the Alt-Right would be rallying only a block away, there was a large outcry from the business owners for a way to succinctly display their feelings about the days activities. This poster was created fill that need.

It was later featured by Fast Company.

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Bespoke Salon


Signage and logo design for Bespoke Salon, a locally owned hair salon based in Charlottesville VA.

Nail Perfection


Signage and logo design for Nail Perfecction, a locally owned nail salon based in Clayton CA.

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Rapture circle.png


Signage and logo design for Rapture, a locally owned restaurant and bar based in Charlottesville VA.

Daily Dudes


An on-going project to help keep me inspired and creating. While not being made exactly daily, these "Daily

Dude-les" explore color, shape, lay out and design, while also exploring male sexuality.

The Sands
Of Mars

Podcast Branding

The hottest new horror podcast that doesn't exist.

Condom Packaging

Promotional Packaging

Collaborated with a local gay owned and operated restaurant & club, to create promotional boxes that were used to distribute condoms to those attending Pride related events.

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Pride mock.png

Poster Design

Collaborated with a local gay owned and operated restaurant & club, to create fun, provocative, and trendy posters to advertise their aunnual Pride related events..

50 Years of SF Pride

Promotional Apparel

A concept t-shirt and hoodie design celebrating the 50th anniversary of

San Fransisco Pride.

Video Game

Poster Design

This series of video game inspired posters were designed to emulate the campy and fun nature of the games they are inspired by. Each poster features an iconic image and location from their respective game and a witty disclaimer.

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Promotional Apparel

A selection of promotional t-shirts designed for various other groups, teams, events and organizations.


 Charlottesville, VA 22902

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