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mars pod sticker.png
The Sands
Of Mars

Podcast Branding

Branding for the hottest new horror podcast that doesn't exist.

The Sands of Mars chronicles the life of the UESP Pioneer in the form of recorded data logs, journal entries, and comms as the crew members set up the earth's first colony on Mars. They thought the sands of Mars were dead but something more lie just bellow the red planets crust, sleeping and waiting for fresh minds to feed upon.

Inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft and other podcasts like Welcome To Nightvale and The Magnus Archives, this podcast aims to draw in the viewer to this new alien world and send shivers down their spine.


That is, if it were a real podcast.

This brand originally designed as just a title card for the theoretical podcast easily translates to sticker and other merchandise formats.

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